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Letter from the president, Dave Stock

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Taxrate.com: Who is FSS?

FSS is a 10+ year old professional ‘educating and advising’ firm, which provides companies with assistance and instruction in the following areas:

Fuel System evaluation and implementation

  • We talk system because it is an on-going process that always needs fine tuning;
  • We take your existing network of truck stops and review locations compared with existing routes and customer positioning for optimum utilization;
  • Review overall pricing and breakdown the components to make sure-racks, transfer, fees, taxes, margins are all in line;
  • Modify current network to optimize usage in all related and pertinent areas.
  • Train individual and inter- departments in the overall process of the working of the new system;
  • Schedule and Implement the step-by-step process for a smooth transition and successful operation.
  • For more information-write, call, or e-mail to the address at the bottom of this page

Fuel tax rate updates through consulting, as well as newsletter form-
(Federal, State, Sales/Use, UST, Inspection, etc.)

  • Provide a timely monthly fuel tax update newsletter to the trucking industry - ‘The Fuel Outlook’ insures that appropriate federal/state taxes and fees are being assessed correctly and timely.
  • Evaluate specific regions (states, counties, cities) to determine proper pricing tax and fee components to be used by a truck stop.
  • Provide companies with high/low margin areas for purchasing fuel.
  • How do I find out more about the newsletter or subscribe? You can call, write, or e-mail to the address at the bottom of this page.

Federal and State Reefer Fuel Tax Refunding;

  • Did you know that you could save as much as a $100 or more per reefer unit per month? Just through filing the proper refund forms and buying fuel in the right states will enable your truck line to save this kind of money!
  • Who qualifies? Any truck line that has refrigerated trailers that has its own separate fuel tank. In addition, the receipts for reefer fuel purchases must be kept, and in many cases, either copies or the originals must be forwarded with the refund forms.
  • What states participate? 40 states have some type of refund process whether it be at the point-of-sale or an application process.
  • How do I find out more? You can call or fax Dave Stock at the address given for FSS on the right column of this page.

Our business approach for your company includes the five E’s—

  1. Evaluate — Our purpose is to partner with you, and make this a win-win situation. We will first investigate, review and analyze your systems and procedures for potential savings.
  2. Eliminate — Breakdown the paradigms and modify programs, policies, and procedures that do not comply with industry standards, regulatory laws, and existing technology.
  3. Educate — Train employees how systems are reviewed, analyzed, modified, and implemented. We will help you determine how parameters need to be established and systems evaluated. How do work systems integrate with each other and effect the overall operation of the company. Consistency in approach will help in your success.
  4. Elevate — Systems will be enhanced to better serve the respective departments and company. All phases of each program will be incorporated into the overall company strategy, and in turn strive toward complying with the company’s mission statement. This will happen through better communication, inter-departmental partnerships, and on-going training.
  5. Effect — A foundation will be laid that can be built on. Our approach will be in planning and organizing your systems; on-going value added through training; and cost reduction in related areas resulting in savings to the bottom line!


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Fuel System Services
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