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Letter from the president, Dave Stock

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Taxrate.com: Testimonials

Who Uses Fuel System Services Data?
Testimonials from those who use our services:

"I use the tax information to assist me when doing fueling comparisons for possible new customers. It has helped me get a customer to purchase fuel from us because we have helped the customer save money by showing them where to purchase their fuel in the better tax advantage state/province. I also look forward to reading the section on "Future Expectations". It gives me insight on how others feel the market is going."

Thanks, Bruce Rankin
Vice President
Fuel $aver Corporation

"Petro Stopping Center has been using Fuel Systems Services for the past 18 months for our fuel tax and related tax information. The accuracy has been without fault and the service unsurpassed!! What a terrific opportunity for us all to have Taxrate.com as a valuable addition!"

Sue Hansen, Director of Sales
Petro Stopping Centers

"Outside of the cumbersome and costly data provided by J.J. Keller, Dave Stock of Fuel Systems Services has been the most complete and accurate source of state fuel tax information in the industry for the 10 years I have been with Travel Port."

Michael Holahan, Vice President of Sales
Travel Port of America, Inc.

"We find your newsletter to be an important reference tool for our sales team. From time to time we have used it to answer questions from our truck stop members as well. We have found the information to very accurate, easy to access, and a valuable resource."

Mike Ladd, Director of Sales for AMBEST, Inc.

"Any information about diesel fuel such as the ‘Fuel Outlook’ is most valuable especially if the info is accurate and understandable as this is. Any edge my department (Fuel and Fuel Taxes) might enjoy over our fellow trucking companies is most welcomed. During our monthly fuel purchases of close to 7million gallons any savings we generate from reduced price per gallon becomes a large yearly savings.

Terry Atkins
MS Carriers


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