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Letter from the president, Dave Stock

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Taxrate.com: Letter from Dave Stock

Dear Customer,
Thank you for your interest in Taxrate.com. I want to explain how this service can help you and your company.

  • You get IFTA rates before the start of the new quarter, which allows you to keep on top of your fuel buying and tax usage information from day one of the new quarter;
  • All tax data is kept current on a monthly basis, not quarterly;
  • You will have all your current state UST, inspection, and miscellaneous fees for comparing your daily, weekly, and monthly cost plus quotes;
  • You will have at your fingertips, the data necessary to establish a basis to reclaim any improperly applied taxes and fees;
  • Historical federal and state tax information available at a glance;
  • More reefer tax information on refund requirements on two pages than any other known source, in addition to corresponding sales tax information--- which states have and do not apply sales tax to those reefer refunds they give back;
  • Which states should give those reefer tax credits at the pump? Which states do not allow any reefer tax refund at all?
  • There is general sales tax information to help you not only with reefer (as noted above), but with your over-the-road credits (my credit for IFTA is 5.5 cents for sales tax in Illinois, and I am paying 6.5%-7.5% sales tax on average when I buy in the state) what is my best approach? Need to look at your price net of refundable taxes, and this is only part of the whole.

Many dollars have been lost because of lack of understanding and knowledge in our industry. This does not give you all the answers but does give you facts, figures and a phone number to start you on your way if you are serious about bringing some of that lost revenue back to your bottom line!!!

We hope you sign up and find this service useful. Please contact me with any questions!

Dave Stock
Fuel Systems Services

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