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Taxrate.com: Examples

Here are examples of three of the forms available from Taxrate.com:

Taxrate.com Gives You Access to All of the Following:

Fuel Outlook
is a monthly newsletter that keeps you abreast of the state and federal gas/diesel tax rate changes for the trucking industry. It highlights the potential changes for the future; and identifies what is happening with reefer refund legislation and corresponding requirements to help you get that specific tax back. It also notes web pages that will help you with: fuel tax, routing and mileages, mapping, and fuel optimization. Once you start using this you will wonder how you ever survived without it!!

IFTA Tax Rates w/ Surcharges
This notes all the U. S. and Canadian tax rates to be used for IFTA tax reporting. Rates for the following quarter will be out the week prior to the start of the next quarter. The tax rate per liter is noted; with proper conversion rates for all states.

In addition, the last columns provide the average state price per gallon weekly and month-to-date; both with taxes in and net of taxes. This is an opportunity for you to see your real cost of the diesel you buy! Remember, this is updated weekly. The prices are provided by EFS National Bank and Promiles Software Development Corp. (It is this writers opinion that this schedule alone makes the cost of this page worthwhile. There is nothing else set up like this anywhere! You find it you get this free!!!)

State Gas Tax w/ Fees
A current gas tax rate schedule updated monthly that provides each state gas rate and any corresponding inspection, load, UST, spill, transfer, etc. fee on a price per gallon equivalent. Something everyone should know, especially for those cost plus buyers.

State Diesel Tax Rates w/ Fees
A current diesel tax rate schedule updated monthly that provides each state diesel rate and any corresponding inspection, load, UST, spill, transfer, etc. fee on a price per gallon equivalent. In addition, it identifies those states that have sales tax and the refundable portion along with the non-refundable part. It also notes the refundable portion of the state tax paid at the pump as related to IFTA tax reporting. Something everyone should know, especially for those cost plus buyers.

State & Federal Average Tax Rates
The schedule totals and averages the state diesel taxes paid at pump; along with the rate if surcharge is included for each state. The federal excise tax and any related surcharges are identified also. The rates are for 1992-current; and are based on the first month figures of each quarter. If looking for average state and federal historical data for price comparison over an extended time period, this will give you what you need.

Canadian Fuel Tax Schedule
This schedule identifies the 10 provinces and the Canadian tax rate along with the conversion rate for the US gallon. It also notes the GST & HST rates and the IFTA refundable portion. It will always be for the current quarter, using the proper conversion rates. Should be a big help to you US carriers trying to figure your net cost of fuel versus buying in the states.

Reefer Fuel Tax Refund Schedule 1
This schedule is for the novice as well as the expert reefer fuel tax refunder. By state, it identifies in general the paperwork requirements for a refund; the refund level (the complexity of getting a refund back); how a credit may or may not be acquired; and does any sales tax apply if the state tax is credited. A definite must for those doing their own reefer tax refunding.

Reefer State Fuel Tax Schedule 2
Identifies by column, those states which: allow for a credit at point of sale; those, which collect at the pump and require a refund process; and those states, which do not give any refunds. Each state denotes if there is an applicable sales tax that corresponds with the state refund process. Will give a general overview for those reefer refund enthusiasts. Will compliment schedule 1 information.

General Sales Tax Info. (Sales and Use Tax Rates for O-T-R Diesel)
Notes the five states that charge sales tax at the time of purchase whether reefer or tractor fuel. This schedule gives phone numbers and web sites to allow you to update any sales tax changes within that state. Normally the changes are within the county or city and are not as easily recognized as the state tax changes. In the near future, there will be an addition to this monthly schedule to note these types of changes as they take place.

General Sales Tax Info. (Sales/Use Tax on Reefer Fuel)
This table, as related to reefer, identifies by state if there is a sales/use tax; the general state rate and range of corresponding optional tax; what components the sales tax is applied to when figuring; and the refundability of reefer fuel. This schedule is a must if you are going through the reefer refund application process. It can also help one to understand in more detail, how and when sales/use tax is to be applied to what portion of the price per gallon.

Diesel Tax Schedule 97-99
This monthly schedule designates the state diesel taxes and fees for January 97 to current, and corresponding refundable portion as related to IFTA tax reporting figures. All state tax and misc. fee changes are highlighted for the specific month that changes were made. A very helpful statistical tool for those looking for historical data for price comparison; or going back for refunding of some state tax or fees.


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